Casa Madera – Your Flooring Dreams Come True

The street entryway may be small, but step inside Casa Madera and you’ll find yourself surrounded by an extravaganza of flooring options. Exotic zebrawood and bamboo, trendsetting white oak with charcoal grey stain, luxuriously dark hickory, or eco-friendly cork — these and more all simply waiting discovery.

“I love the warmth and durability of wood— especially in Vancouver where we tend to have a lot of darker, rainy weather,” says owner Peter Pocrnic gesturing to racks upon racks of samples filling the walls of his store. “We carry products from dozens of suppliers, and after eight years in business, I’ve lost track of the number of different types of woods.”

Beautiful trends

“Wood is definitely the flooring most homeowners want today,” Peter says. “And it’s evolved a long, long way from the ’60s when there wasn’t much available other than skinny strips of bland-looking oak. Now we’re seeing options like wide plank, oil or matt finishes, and colours ranging from almost white to deep, rich blacks.”