Casa Madera – Your Flooring Dreams Come True

The street entryway may be small, but step inside Casa Madera and you’ll find yourself surrounded by an extravaganza of flooring options. Exotic zebrawood and bamboo, trendsetting white oak with charcoal grey stain, luxuriously dark hickory, or eco-friendly cork — these and more all simply waiting discovery.

“I love the warmth and durability of wood— especially in Vancouver where we tend to have a lot of darker, rainy weather,” says owner Peter Pocrnic gesturing to racks upon racks of samples filling the walls of his store. “We carry products from dozens of suppliers, and after eight years in business, I’ve lost track of the number of different types of woods.”

Beautiful trends
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Wood Floor Care during construction or remodeling

Make a small investment by buying 1/8 hardboard cover your floor from wall to wall and seam tape. This will protect your floors from tools or materials that may be left on the surface, which can cause damage.

Care Tips for hardwood floors:

vacuum regularly to help reduce the accumulation of dirt.

Rags, paper, resin, plastic, is not sufficient.

This is good to prevent spills of paint, but always start and move, albeit at a low cost, will not protect actual damages, such as paint cans thrown a slanting ladder and tool boxes or containers.

A typical room of 200 square feet that will cost less than $ 50.00 to protect wood. Or contractor will cost more than that for them restored.
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